Guide to Choosing the Right Perfume for Men.

Guide to Choosing the Right Perfume for Men.

Like a moth to a flame, some perfumes can attract all the attention in a room. While the fragrance you wear might not woo women like popular cologne ads show, but it sure does help you enhance your persona. The only trick you need to have up your sleeve is to choose the right perfume for the right occasion.   

To begin with, let’s take notes of the different kinds of perfumes available: 

Types Of Perfumes 

Parfum: Contains the highest concentration of fragrance, precisely between 20% to 30%, lasts for six to eight hours – the longest compared to the other categories.  

Eau de Parfum (EDP): Lasts up to five hours with a fragrance concentration that alternates between 15% to 20%. Sensitive skin? EDP is your pick. 

Eau de Toilette (EDT): Contains 5% to 15% of fragrance concentration and can hold up for two to three hours. 

Eau de Cologne (EDT): Contains 2% to 4% of fragrance concentration while Eau Fraiche has 1% to 3%, both can last up to two hours.    

Why should you turn up your scent? 

Today, although perfumes have evolved and you get great fragrances at reasonable prices, most people still consider perfumes as frivolous luxuries without realizing how powerful scents can be. 

 A few scientific studies have proven that the fragrance you pick to wear impacts your attractiveness. For instance, the perfume you wear to work may not be ideal for your first date; It could be a total disaster. 

The sensation of smell can also evoke strong emotions. Researchers have discovered that people’s opinions on a particular scent can change based on the event it is being worn to. This means that if you connect a fragrance with a good experience, it will instantly elevate your spirits whenever you wear it and initiate positive thoughts.  

Perfumes for every other occasion: 

Having a signature scent is great as it gives you a sense of identity. However, the realm of senses and emotions has a lot in them to explore, and it’s no different than switching your outfits. And so, we’ve curated a list of luxury perfumes men could opt for depending on the occasion. 

During the day: 

Your morning usually involves commuting, working, and running errands. And using your signature fragrance or your show-stopping bottle of scent on an ordinary day as such is essentially a poor choice. It’s best to choose lighter fragrances like floral, citrusy, or earthy and get going with your day. 

Do you know what a wise decision could be? Picking EDC or EDT, especially in summers, as the heat makes any fragrance you wear last longer and travel farther. Hence more potent perfumes like Parfum and EDP can ruin your day, give you a headache and be very overpowering. Unisex scents are great too for daytime because they primarily carry a very neutral sensation.   

At night: 

For nighttime, your perfume picks may differ based on the occasion. If you are going out with your buds after a long stressful day at work, it’s best if you opt for nostalgic scents like vanilla, coffee, or cocoa. Wondering what this does? These scents help you relax yet lets you maintain your focus.  

When the air is more relaxed, gourmand and sultry scents like honey, vanilla, or chocolate fare better. 

When it’s a date, especially your first: 

No one does date night every night, so when you do, you’d want it to be very special. So reserve a scent that will help spark romance while maintaining the avant-garde edge.  

If you’re getting ready for your first date, pick a fragrance that is associated with confidence – your choices would include sweet, woody, spicy, or musky. If you are going for a night out with your partner, it’s best to choose a perfume that you both adore.  

When you’re in the hustle – working hours: 

Not every office is big on perfumes, and if your workplace lets you wear a scent, then go ahead and pick up the most suitable. It would be best if you opted for a scent that gives you a sense of confidence, one that has spicy, woody, and citrusy notes. These kinds of scents can do wonders for your career. However, keep it neutral, and light as some co-workers can be off-putting. 

When you are out on a vacation: 

We know carrying several bottles of perfumes for different occasions while you set out for a vacation is not ideal. However, you could probably build a travel-friendly kit and take a perfume or two based on the destination you plan to unwind at. For instance, if it’s a beach vacay, carry coconut or aquatic scents. This helps you create better memories that are destination-specific. All you need to do is catch the local vibe and then choose your potion. Most of us always end up picking floral, fruity, and citrusy fragrances because they simply blend in and give you that vacation vibe. 

When you go to a wedding: 

Weddings come with a lot of fragrances roaming in the air. You’ll smell vanilla; you’ll even feel the notes of orange blossom and so on. 

Now this is when you take out your signature scent as it lets you maintain your individuality, uplifts your mood and preps you up for a day full of madness and fun. 

When you want to gift a dear one: 

Gifting your friends a bottle of perfume can give them an incredible feeling of reminiscing memories and some emotions. However, if you do not know the person too well, there’s a chance you may mess up with picking the right scent. In times like this, it’s best to opt for unisex or classic scents as these fragrances are more neutral, almost instantly feel more gracious and inclusive. 

Pro-Tip:  Dear men, perfumes are to have a subtle and slow impact. Hence it’s better to spray your favorite fragrance on your chest or the back of your shoulders. Spraying on your inner wrist or neck will be too overpowering. 

Guide to Choosing the Right Perfume for Men.



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