Help & FAQ's

Q. Does Perfumaze sell imitation brands, old and or used products?
A. All our products are genuine and of the same quality you would expect to find at any leading department stores. We go the extra-mile to ensure that our products are not imitations, old or used items.

Q. Does Perfumaze expand the assortment of products offered at it’s web site?
A. We take great effort to offer our customers a wide array of brands and collections. Our inventory is frequently updated with a carefully scripted algorithm to offer the best designer brands at jaw-dropping rates. Follow us closely and keep track of our rapidly expanding selections.

Q. Is the web site secure?
A. We take your security and privacy very seriously. Our website utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect your personal information, including credit card numbers. SSL is used in order to encrypt all personal information, including your name and credit card information, so that it can’t be read while being transferred from your web browser to our Internet site. All pages on our website that requires your to enter sensitive information are protected with SSL.

Q. Does Perfumaze sell customer information or customer lists to other companies?
A. No. All your personal information remains absolutely confidential and secure. We DO NOT sell any of your information to third party agents – it’s our promise.

Q. Why is it that the customer is required to give their billing address when they no longer reside at that residence, or do not want their package sent there; other Internet companies do not require this information?
A. We require our customers to provide a billing address in order to match and verify their identity with the information on their credit card. This is just an extra layer of security which is in place in order to reduce fraudulent purchases. Reducing fraud makes it possible for us to lower our prices, securely stash your information and bring about a marked improvement in your shopping experience.

Q. Will the customer’s order be sent to their billing address?
A. No. All orders will be sent to the address the customer has listed as their shipping address.

Q. How long will it take before orders are processed and shipped?
A. We usually process and ship all orders within the first 24 hours of your purchase. However, we do not ship on Sundays and other nationally observed holidays. If for any unforeseen reasons, we are not able to ship the product within the 24 hour period, you will be notified by phone or by email. Once we ship a product, we will provide you the tracking number. Please note that in the case of domestic shipping, it may take up to 24 hours for the tracking information to be updated on the carriers website. In the case of international shipping, it make take up to 7 ~ 10 business days before the international carrier partners updates their website with the tracking information.

Q. Are customers required to pay the shipping charges for items that are being returned?
A. Yes, customers are required to bear the shipping costs of returned items. We may refund shipping costs if the return was a result of an error from our side.

Q. What is Perfumaze’s policy on issuing customer credits for returned merchandise?
A. Once it is determined that the returned merchandise is in a resellable condition, we will then issue the customer credit for the merchandise minus a 20% restocking fee.

Q. How are customers notified if an item is out of stock?
A. If an item is out of stock, we will notify our customer either by email or phone.

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